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What is Abortion pill

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Abortion pill

Abortion pills are prescribed for women who wish to eliminate an unwanted pregnancy. Abortion pills offer woman a substitute to surgical treatment in the early weeks of pregnancy stage thereby eliminating unwanted pregnancy.Abortion pills are provided with a combination of mifepristone and misoprostol.  Dosage of Abortion pills is medically approved when a woman is in her pregnancy stage of nine weeks and medically fit and healthy. Mifepristone in abortion pill helps by blocking the action of progesterone thus causing a miscarriage at the early stage of pregnancy.

Abortion procedure consists of

Abortion pill consists of synthetic female hormones progesterone and oestrogen. Abortion pill stops the process of ovulation. The sperm is restricted from reaching the eggs as the lining of the uterus is narrowed followed by thickening of the fluid in the uterus and the process of becoming pregnant is prevented.

Mifepristone content in abortion pill assists by obstructing the actions of progesterone thereby causing miscarriage at the early pregnancy stage.
Abortion pill prevents the sperm from reaching the eggs and narrowing the uterus lining.
The fluid in the uterus are thickened which prevents possibility of getting pregnant.

Advantages of Abortion pill

1) Painless routine.

2) No side effects on sex life.

3) Prevention of excess heat related disorders in the pelvis.

4) Avoidance of surgical equipments lead to less risk of infection.

5) Cheaper in price and easily available.

Side-effects of Abortion pill

1) Formation of pain in hands

2)Stomach sickness

3) vulnerable mood

4) unexpected rises / fall in blood pressure. 5) Excess bleeding

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New study found Acne problems more in obese and over weight girls

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NEW YORK- A survey of Norwegian teens have reviled that overweight girls have more acne related problems in contrast to normal weight girls in their adolescence period. The same thing the survey did not found in teenage boys. The teenagers around 3,600 were examined by asking various questions related to their life style, their health habits, weight etc.

The survey showed that 19 out of 100 overweight or obese girls have ace problems in contrast 13 out of the 100 normal weight girls has acne related problems. In boys including both over and obese weight 14 out of 100 have acne problems in both over and obese weight once.

The findings are extremely important in knowing the real problems of acne problems to teenagers. The research also showed that there could be a number of reasons why teenagers have acne problems like
diet, exercise, social, emotional problems etc.

Dr. Nanette Silverberg a clinical professor at Columbia University stated that generally acne problems are biological in nature. High blood pressure, hormonal changes, having excess weight would be the reasons of acne. Dr halvorson stated that Polycystic ovary syndrome and Genetics plays a role in acne related problem in teenagers. The researchers have also found that nutrition, diet could be another reason of acne problems but it’s not clear whether that acne problem occur due to that.

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In the end it was clear that acne problems in teenagers could be controlled by having a proper nutritional diet, exercising regularly. The teenagers should avoid having potato chips, cold drinks, Food
which are high in fats, carbohydrates that contribute to acne problems.

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Obesity – Pain, making people awkward: Research

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The researchers found that obese people usually suffer uneasiness and awkwardness.

A telephone survey held from 2008-2010 revealed among 1 million people were questioned for their health, well-being and pains.

The survey showed 25 per cent of people were obese and around 38 per cent were overweight and those who were obese are of among those levels as mentioned in the World Health Organization.

As evaluating with underweight and average weighted people it was seen that pain rates were 20 per cent more in overweight people.

Awkwardness and pain grows higher as people ages, highlighted investigators in an online version Journal Obesity.

The research done by Arthur Stone the vice chairman ofdepartment of psychiatry addressed publishers that not only elder people with obese feels awkward but the same condition is with adults and adolescents. Joan Broderick, who is professor at Stony Brook’s Department of Psychiatry and behavioral Science, concluded that the scientists initially wanted to find out the results they wanted to confirm weather it is due to any reaction of disease due to medicines or any other reason for such obesity.

It was found in study Musculoskeletal pain was one of the reasons. generic Viagra

Depression could also be the reason among them. Researches are being made for pain-obesity issue.

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New Natural Supplement for Erectile Dysfunction

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NTRR’s New Supplement Pure Plus Natural Erectile Dysfunction Soon To Be Launched.

Tampa, Fla., (BUSINESS WIRE) – The manufacturer of Pure Plus weight loss supplement Neutra Corp.’s NTRR + 17.86%, currently finished their research on Pure Plus: an all-natural erectile dysfunction(ED) treatment, and will on the floor soon.

This supplement will help men to recover their sexual energy without lacking any side effects. Increase of libido and improvement in male testosterone levels would be enhanced.

NTRR brand would be the first ever natural product in the market for enhancing Bio-Energy initiate sexual function. This product will soon discriminate other company’s.

Many products are being manufactured by the company Neutra Corp. which is pure natural and implements effective results. The company is focusing on daily nutrition regimen, muscle building and
weight loss issues too.

The news which has released is well under the section 27A of the security act, section 21E of the security exchange act of 1934 the act include records with reality, believes, expects, anticipate and similar
expressions. There may be any possibility of danger. It may include real affects too, the results may be positive or negative it depends on success of it.

Natural products are good yet, other available medicines such as generic Viagra and Kamagra are believed to be better.

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Multiple Sclerosis (MS) can be healed from Gene therapy

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The researchers at California Institute of Technology found an ailment to cure the brain in replacing impaired Myelin. In order to maintain effortless monitoring of brain a protective shelter is created by human body that structure is referred as Myelin.

Demyelinating disease such as multiple sclerosis (MS) can be healed through this foundation. To encourage the gene therapy the inducement of new oligodendrocytes adopted from progenitor cells and stem.

In order to work adult central nervous mechanism it needs to occupy both the cells into more peculiar
cell types. To restore brain’s own progenitor cells in progression of its original, the study contains. A protein named Leukemia Inhibitor factor (LIF) was been in process which helped in lowering the diminishing of myelin. The study was conducted on mouse prototype of MS.

Incredulous a single component can create remyelination of injured cells. Benjamin Deverman, a postdoctoral member of biology at Caltech and lead aurthor of the paper critiqued, as found in the study done on mouse, when LIF therapy is given to them, it invigorate propagation of the progenitor cells and agrees it them to discriminate for mature oligodendrocytes.

To discrete the harmful effects on the bloodstream the researchers arranged LIF in brain, Human trails is still to be done.

The Journal of Neuroscience printed the article.

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Use of Prescription Pain Killers in Teenagers

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The new study from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revealed the truth of prescribed painkilling tablets. Past decade showed the death rate increased at high level from 4,000 deaths to 14,800.

Misuse of medicament pain relievers such as oxycodone and Percocet, it is found that people for extra income sold at higher price and some times leads in bootleg.

Consultant in Communicable Disease Control (CCDC) versioned drugs related deaths are committed by the citizens of US in 2008.

CCDC found in 2010 that prescribed painkillers are used on nonmedical basis in 12million Americans. People were hospitalized on cruel misleads of painkillers, which charged around $72 billion a year in 2009.

The years 2008 to 2010 it was recorded as most death occurring years in Massachusetts nearly 23 per cent of people were hospitalized due to legal and illegal drugs, said Division of Health Care Finance and Policy at Massachusetts.

Drugs which were manufactured legally were misused by the connections of underworld said Attleboro Police Chief Kyle Heagney.

Cops from Norton and Wrentham were on the mission to take under the custody who involved in the matter of drug related crimes, armed robberies and pharmaceutical collusion for scattering the drugs and oxycodone.

Strong drugs like oxycodone painkillers which are available only on doctors instruction is manufactured to transform ones brain from curing pain. They affect on brains core and results is positive. It would be difficult to eradicate ones habit if one is continuously persisting tablets.

When drugs get involved with alcohol, dangerous diseases may take place which is effecting on respiratory system and many life threatening results would come out. generic viagra

Teenagers and children are more fanatic with drugs habit than in adults, parents must keep those drugs at safer place.

When surveyed it was shocking to here that people take legal drugs to get high than using illegal elements. This study was printed by Partnership for a Drug Free America.

Eminent highlighted, that the drugs didn’t came into existence since once, it started years back in huge parameters.

Drug are easily available to 30 per cent of Americans easily from their friends or relative and they find it an easy way to get than robbing or getting from any drug dealer, abuse of painkillers are on high in US, states the CCDC report.

Addiction of painkillers is not less then addiction of any kind of Heroin, youngsters are developing bad habit among them.


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Iron Tablets With Harmful Substances Banned

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One batch has been found containing iron particles in iron tablet Solufer-XT in Mumbai. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA),Pune has immediately taken necessary steps to stop these pills from going in the public hands.

As stated in a statement by BR Masal joint commissioner (drugs) FDA, there are 6,128 strips of Solufer-XT amounting to 4.47 lakhs in the market. These findings are extremely serious because these drugs has 117 mg of iron particles amounting 193% extra iron particles. The tablets were containing ferrous and ferric salts. This can cause liver problems, kidney problems etc.

Ravi Joshi an assistant commissioner(drugs),FDA stated that they have sent the drug for testing in the laboratories and also said that these drugs which are highly injurious to health are been sold by Alkem Ltd. Generic viagra

It was a thane residing purchaser of these tablets which first complaint this to FDA officials. After that officials readily took necessary steps to avoid these drugs to reach the consumer. FDA Alerted nearly 76,000 medical stores and other medical institutions for not to purchase as well as not sell the existing tablets. The Officials has also taken steps by informing to different FDA commissioners across the country about the incident to keep them also alerted.

The Pune FDA commissioner has also informed the Drug Controller of India and other hospitals around the country.

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No evidence, but Viagra Can Treat Women Sexual dysfunction

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Canada, Vancouver – Viagra and testosterone therapy are becoming popular to treat sexual dysfunction in women. Physicians prescribe both treatments to females to boost sexual desire despite not knowing how the treatments actually work.

In order to treat female sexual dysfunction experts are recommending “off-label” tablets, said Lori Brotto a psychologist and professor of obstetrics and gynecology.

The scientists showed concern on women sexuality at UBC’s Chan Centre, where Brotto among the jury said they are looking for the drug company which will create such generic Viagra a drug for women that will comprise 2009 documentary named Orgasm Inc. which will operate for women.

Healthy women usually senses that their sexual response is peculiar, said the jury member Joy Johnson, head of the Gender and Health with Canadian Institutes of Health Research at UBC.

A drug company is allowed to create such drug. Pharmaceutical companies are given the charge of it. Johnson stated that it is waste of time and money, j$j is least interested, and was emphasizing on other eminent diseases.

Drug companies are fleeting as the government is denying approval.

Testosterone gel LibiGel created by Biosante Pharmaceuticals a U.S based company manufactured in order to inspire women’s sexual response, unfortunately the study failed in December.

Brotto stated that, placebo group were actually better than those in testosterone group. Hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD) and Female Sexual Dysfunction were noted as medical disorder in early 1990’s.

An online survey is conducted by Cindy Masaro. She is working on a PhD in UBC’s school of nursing. The survey included the viewpoint of women regarding sex in the age group of above 25 years. Since then 200 studies have been analyzed from North America and believing to complete more 300 studies.


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New FDA Guidelines Would Lower Cost of Biosimilar Drugs

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WASHINGTON- FDA is going to retrospect on its guideline for biotech drugs which they are planning to introduce in the market.

FDA’s decision to lower the price of biotech drugs will be beneficial for the country. Dr. Janet Woodcock FDA’s division director said in a statement that these kinds of drugs will be extremely beneficial for the patients as their cost will be less.

The biotech industry has not faced the generic competition due to FDA did not allowed to “biosimilar drugs” to be introduced in the market, but the situation has changed since Obama’s administration which gave the green signal for these drugs. IMS Health one of the leading health care data firm has made assessment that due to introduction of biosimilar drugs the industry will get profits in the scale of $11 billion to $25 billion till 2020, an increment in 4 to 10% of biotech drug market. The companies which will try to sell biosimilar drugs will have to show complete comprehensive data that their product will also have same qualities as real drug.

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The real problem as of now is that if bio-similar drugs are allowed to be produced then there would be a great loss for the originals products. The copy drug will definitely will cost lower than originals. In Europe Biosimilar drugs are been sold for many years. Companies such as Novartis division, Sando international, Hospira Inc. to name a few, are selling these drugs. U.S companies such as Merck & Co. Inc. and Pfizer Inc have also shown their interest in making bio-similar drugs. FDA will take 2 months time before settling the matter to its conclusion.

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Eczema Associated with Impotence

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A new study from research centre said men having allergy to skin condition eczema are at danger, as they may cause erectile dysfunction than any normal men.

Researchers gave their statement as additional studies are essential in order to prove alone eczema can be the reason for impotency. The study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine which concluded research from more than numerous thousand men suffering to erectile dysfunction (ED) generic viagra.

Scientist Shiu-Dong Chung at Taipei Medical University in Taiwan found a link between ED and a topic dermatitis. Eczema is also known as Atopic Dermatitis according to medical reference.

Heart disease and diabetes are interrelated with erectile dysfunction as abnormality in the function of blood vessels and nerves.

A study conducted by Chung stated men with erectile dysfunction already having eczema prior to impotency analysis, nearly 11 percent of men were affected.

Investigating on heart disease and diabetes it is stated as nearly 60 per cent of them were already suffering from eczema than those not suffering from Erectile Dysfunction.

The skin disease such as psoriasis and eczema can cause erectile dysfunction as it is connected with blood vessels and skin.

Atopic dermatitis could alone influence ED for that more analysis are needed. The study didn’t specify whether men were suffering before eczema occurred at the period of erectile dysfunction diagnosis, commented allergy expert Donald Leung, Allergist and Immunologist in National Jewish Health at Denver, Colorado.

An email from Leung stated to prove atomic dermatitis can lead in ED actual analysis is needed.

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