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Use of Prescription Pain Killers in Teenagers

The new study from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revealed the truth of prescribed painkilling tablets. Past decade showed the death rate increased at high level from 4,000 deaths to 14,800.

Misuse of medicament pain relievers such as oxycodone and Percocet, it is found that people for extra income sold at higher price and some times leads in bootleg.

Consultant in Communicable Disease Control (CCDC) versioned drugs related deaths are committed by the citizens of US in 2008.

CCDC found in 2010 that prescribed painkillers are used on nonmedical basis in 12million Americans. People were hospitalized on cruel misleads of painkillers, which charged around $72 billion a year in 2009.

The years 2008 to 2010 it was recorded as most death occurring years in Massachusetts nearly 23 per cent of people were hospitalized due to legal and illegal drugs, said Division of Health Care Finance and Policy at Massachusetts.

Drugs which were manufactured legally were misused by the connections of underworld said Attleboro Police Chief Kyle Heagney.

Cops from Norton and Wrentham were on the mission to take under the custody who involved in the matter of drug related crimes, armed robberies and pharmaceutical collusion for scattering the drugs and oxycodone.

Strong drugs like oxycodone painkillers which are available only on doctors instruction is manufactured to transform ones brain from curing pain. They affect on brains core and results is positive. It would be difficult to eradicate ones habit if one is continuously persisting tablets.

When drugs get involved with alcohol, dangerous diseases may take place which is effecting on respiratory system and many life threatening results would come out. generic viagra

Teenagers and children are more fanatic with drugs habit than in adults, parents must keep those drugs at safer place.

When surveyed it was shocking to here that people take legal drugs to get high than using illegal elements. This study was printed by Partnership for a Drug Free America.

Eminent highlighted, that the drugs didn’t came into existence since once, it started years back in huge parameters.

Drug are easily available to 30 per cent of Americans easily from their friends or relative and they find it an easy way to get than robbing or getting from any drug dealer, abuse of painkillers are on high in US, states the CCDC report.

Addiction of painkillers is not less then addiction of any kind of Heroin, youngsters are developing bad habit among them.


Iron Tablets With Harmful Substances Banned

One batch has been found containing iron particles in iron tablet Solufer-XT in Mumbai. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA),Pune has immediately taken necessary steps to stop these pills from going in the public hands.

As stated in a statement by BR Masal joint commissioner (drugs) FDA, there are 6,128 strips of Solufer-XT amounting to 4.47 lakhs in the market. These findings are extremely serious because these drugs has 117 mg of iron particles amounting 193% extra iron particles. The tablets were containing ferrous and ferric salts. This can cause liver problems, kidney problems etc.

Ravi Joshi an assistant commissioner(drugs),FDA stated that they have sent the drug for testing in the laboratories and also said that these drugs which are highly injurious to health are been sold by Alkem Ltd. Generic viagra

It was a thane residing purchaser of these tablets which first complaint this to FDA officials. After that officials readily took necessary steps to avoid these drugs to reach the consumer. FDA Alerted nearly 76,000 medical stores and other medical institutions for not to purchase as well as not sell the existing tablets. The Officials has also taken steps by informing to different FDA commissioners across the country about the incident to keep them also alerted.

The Pune FDA commissioner has also informed the Drug Controller of India and other hospitals around the country.

New FDA Guidelines Would Lower Cost of Biosimilar Drugs

WASHINGTON- FDA is going to retrospect on its guideline for biotech drugs which they are planning to introduce in the market.

FDA’s decision to lower the price of biotech drugs will be beneficial for the country. Dr. Janet Woodcock FDA’s division director said in a statement that these kinds of drugs will be extremely beneficial for the patients as their cost will be less.

The biotech industry has not faced the generic competition due to FDA did not allowed to “biosimilar drugs” to be introduced in the market, but the situation has changed since Obama’s administration which gave the green signal for these drugs. IMS Health one of the leading health care data firm has made assessment that due to introduction of biosimilar drugs the industry will get profits in the scale of $11 billion to $25 billion till 2020, an increment in 4 to 10% of biotech drug market. The companies which will try to sell biosimilar drugs will have to show complete comprehensive data that their product will also have same qualities as real drug.

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The real problem as of now is that if bio-similar drugs are allowed to be produced then there would be a great loss for the originals products. The copy drug will definitely will cost lower than originals. In Europe Biosimilar drugs are been sold for many years. Companies such as Novartis division, Sando international, Hospira Inc. to name a few, are selling these drugs. U.S companies such as Merck & Co. Inc. and Pfizer Inc have also shown their interest in making bio-similar drugs. FDA will take 2 months time before settling the matter to its conclusion.

Stable Heart Patients Go for Sexual Activities

There’s a sign of relief for those who are under going with cardiovascular disease, The American Heart Association declared publicly that now people with heart disease can actually continue with their sexual activities if their heart disease remains constant.

Men and women, many a times find difficulty in indulging their selves in having sexual connections. Therefore it leads in fall of sexual relations and results in other disease such as depression and anxiety.

An online circular from the Journal of American Heart Association carries suggestions from experts regarding different fields, exercise physiology, sexual advices and heart disease.

The desire of having sex in men and women suffering those from cardiovascular diseases, rarely takes place in such cases, people find uncomfortable in indulging their selves, commented Glenn N. Levine, M.D.

Before getting into any sexual activity, patients must consult his/her doctor.

Chances of heart attack and heart failure may decrease if the patients follow a regular strict physical regime and cardiac revitalizing.

Pregnant women with heart disease must take guidance on safety majors and assistance of contraceptive techniques.

Patients suffering from critical cardiovascular disease should avoid sexual activities until the symptoms are revitalized in heart disease. generic viagra

Anxiety, depression, underlying vascular or cardiac diseases or any other component can lead in sexual dysfunction.

The medicines used in treating erectile dysfunction, mostly is safer if patients heart is stabilized. Patients undergoing with nitrate therapy dealing with chest pain, these medications of oxidants should be avoided. Nitrates should not be consulted to those with coronary heart disease. Special care should be taken when consuming drug related to erectile dysfunction, nitrates shouldn’t be prescribed within 24 to 48 hours.

Estrogen which is helpful in treating painful intercourse, it is effective for those women who are post-menopause and having cardiovascular diseases.

The chances of occurring cardiovascular events take place during the sexual intercourse, such as heart attacks and even chest pains. But it is for a short term, as sexual activities takes place for short duration.

It is found that some patients would not indulge their self in sexual activities, even though it is safer for them, whereas there are many patients for whom it will be fair enough to postpone sexual activity till they are alleviate, stated by Levine.

Obese esophageal cancer patients not out of danger even post surgery

It calls for a shock as experts from the mayo clinic indicate that esophageal cancer sufferers who are obese are much likely to encounter the ailment related dead even after their treatment and the serious natured surgery. They are at twice risk of experiencing the fatal end, the real importance for this notice came when the risk was also served to the non-smoking patients. Studies further sighted that excessive weight can lead to tumors and the repeat of the cancer disease which is a risk in itself. In this way, the ailment seems to be one of the dangerous disorders due to its repetitive nature.

Under the study there were about 778 patients who underwent the test again the people who were obese out of this number and who had the habit of smoking were difficult to check. The experts also give out information that this type of cancer targets the people who fall into the obese condition and this is the most important factor even essential than the addictive habits like smoking or addiction to other narcotic substances. People with cases of obesity and habits of smoking are most likely to lose weight at a faster pace and it may also lead to the fatal end for the sufferer.
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As per the results, only 18% of the total patients are able to survive the 5 year period from the time of the surgery. On the other hand under the normal people who did not fall under the obese category 36% of them lived well.

Men’s health Market to Grow Moderately in Future

ROCKVILLE, MD – has come up with its new report “Men’s health Therapeutics Market to 2017 – Availability of Generic Viagra from Restrain Market Growth”. The report highlighted that Global men’s health therapeutics market growth has been one of the most profitable markets in pharmaceutical industry. There are lots of problems arising that can halt the progress of this market. Problems of expiring patents of drugs, low diagnosis are the
major problems that can severely damage the growth of the market. Market is still expected to grow at good rate with all these problems.

The Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) shows that there is a decline in growth projection of these markets. In 2010, the market collection was estimated to be nearly $9,162m a (CAGR) of 8.4% from 2002 to 2010. The projection is estimated to reach $12,163 m from 2010 to 2017 a CAGR of 4.1%. The expiry of Viagra (sildenafil citrate) in 2012 and many other drugs is considered to be the reason behind the growth decline. The drug collects 55% of income in the
market so the expiry of it can severely halt the growth.

The me-too and first-in-class molecules are in their late stage of development and their entry into the industry will certainly boost the market. The use of these drugs will improve the standard of diagnosis of patients. The drug due to its quality also will attract major players of the market and so the money will flow in this market sector.

Court notice to the Polish drink Viaguara as it rhymes with Viagra

Brussels – The eminent European judges examined that the Polish drink company were double-dealing with the brand Viaguara similar to sex drug Viagra.

The company came up to the thrown in seven year again with the unaffected name again for the energy drink, to that the jury of the General Court of the European Union passes the triumph to U.S drugs giant Pfizer Inc, when objected.

The European court barred on normal health drink cannot posses this name for the community trade mark for drinks. The market together amalgamated through European Union states plus Norway,
Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and Iceland.

The crusaders stated generic Viagra is the brand name and has its own reputation it will be unfair if the viaguara would launch.

Viagra and viaguara has similarity between them as ‘Viag’ and the end letters ‘ra’ sounds same in Viagra as well as viaguara.

The resemblance of names may give wrong impression to the buyers. The buyers may think it is the same as Viagra, and may help in erectile dysfunction and sexual desire thus the purchases it.

The European Court of Justice gave two months time for requisition.

Control Blood Pressure to Prevent End-Stage Renal Disease

New study suggest that patient suffering from End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) should maintain blood pressure in order to prevent ESRD from getting complicated. The study conducted by scientists of University of California, San Francisco has come up with this study.

Patients can use blood pressure medicines such as generic Norvasc or generic Plavix or generic Atenolol.

Kidney Early Evaluation Program
(KEEP) has also come up with their finding which says that systolic pressure is the main thing which the doctors need to keep in check of patients. Accepted figure as of now for ESRD patients is 130/80 or less. The researchers have suggested that 140 is correlated with increase risk and over 150 the sign of danger for the patients.

Carmen A. Peralta, MD, assistant professor of medicine at the University of California, San Francisco highlighted that the new research would be helpful for the doctors to provide good medication for the ailment rather than concentrating on controlling systolic blood pressure as low as 130/80 which is extremely difficult.
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The report of KEEP also has shown that out of 16,129 people who participated in the program almost many of them have blood pressure of 150/90 or more. The report concluded that due to increased blood pressure there is danger of ESRD ailment become more severe but also has significant impact on cardiovascular diseases (CVDs). The study is printed in the Archives of General Internal Medicine.

Contraceptive Pills Recalled By Pfizer, Women Opt Pregnancy Kits

Pfizer pharmaceutical has recalled its popular contraceptive medicine from market because of inaccurate information about active ingredient on blister.

The pills were cancelled immediately by authorities as soon as they found out that there is a packaging mistake with the product. The pills of companies such as lo/Ovral-28 and others have been recalled. The women’s are told be use alternative pills. The pills should be immediately consumed within 72 hours said Dr. Helen Cavasin of Tennessee Women’s Care in Hendersonville. Many women’s are now buying the pregnancy test kits in huge numbers to check whether they are pregnant or not. But these tests are not appropriate to completely confirm that a woman is pregnant or not. Additional tests needed to be taken to confirm one’s pregnancy report will come positive or negative. Dr. Cavasin stated that these things can happen and has happened in past women need not to get over anxious and advised them to keep their cool and take proper guidance from doctors.

The doctors are advising to use other forms of controlling pregnancy methods like use of condoms etc. Many doctors said that they don’t advice people to buy this contraceptive that has been recalled, rather they should go forestablished contraceptive such as Generic Yasmin or other like generic Yaz, generic Ovral G, Plan B or generic Plan B. FDA has advised the women to be on strict pill regimen under doctor’s guidance. FDA concluded that there is no immediate risk involved in this matter. They said that even if women’s took medicine after 21 days there is no immediate health risks associated to it

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Illegal Erectile dysfunction drugs, Australian TGA concern

A threat found in Miraculous Evil Root drug of erectile dysfunction, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) of Australia has sanctioned a notice to stop purchase of those goods.

The drug is now soled online as it is banned in Australia. Watching results of this drug it was seen that sildenafil citrate which is the main ingredient in generic Viagra contains the high proportion of sildenafil in it where as TGA found that it was falsely mentioned in the agreement that the drug have low amount of ingredient.

TGA haven’t sanctioned Miraculous Evil Tablets. The terms and condition were pertinent with Australian Legislation. To ensure that the drugs won’t enter in Australia, the TGA is contacting The Australian Customs and Borders Protection Service and making it sure that the drugs supply should be terminated.

The department is making sure that before buying any product from online people watch out the cautions and harmful effects of the medications and their ingredients and not same as the permitted ones.